The Right Place


Do you remember that uncertain feeling on the first day of school? You’ve rushed to find the appointed room at the appointed time. You enter the room, sit down, and for just a moment you panic, thinking you’ve ended up in the wrong class? You check and double check that little piece of paper, that small validation, that yes indeed, you have shown up where you are supposed to be. Allow me to share with you some insight into how I practice medicine, so that you can engage with me in a way that will give you the assurance that you are exactly in the right place to be on your way to health and healing.

A Wrong Turn

Modern medicine, pharmaceuticals, and marketing have conspired in recent years to construct alarming and damaging interventions which have invaded the sanctum of human health.  To be sure, we have all benefitted from incredible advances in trauma care, advanced surgical procedures, skin and organ transplant, AIDS survival, and a stem cell culture which makes the United States the envy of the world.  But at the same time, a vacuum has been created in which medicine has been co-opted by an industry driven, Wall Street mentality. In many, and perhaps most, medical offices, the standard of care has been reduced to an all time low. It’s not because doctors don’t care, it’s because large drug companies, aided by misinformed or easily manipulated lawmakers, have hijacked reasonable public health policy, swapping it for a profit-motivated system, seeking financial gain from managing diseases rather than curing them.

This is fundamentally and morally wrong and it should not be the driving force behind medicine in America. It is not our legacy. In the 20th century, researchers and physicians earned their stripes and the gratitude of the people whose lives they saved, by fighting bacteria and finding cures. Today, it is the world in which we live, it is our way of life that is the scourge, not bacteria.



How can we reverse this trend and really serve the interest of health and healing?

My vision is to build self awareness, inspire and empower individuals to achieve their optimal health, well being, performance and vitality. I believe that education and providing the right environment for healing is critical.


My philosophy is simple: individuals require personalized, meaningful attention. It takes time to identify a problem. And its takes time to bring about change. As someone in the healing profession, I understand that by working together with my patient, better treatment outcomes are possible.